At Huckleberry Trail Farm we have always taken the safety of our employees and guests very seriously from disinfecting the milking cow (yup, keeping it really clean) to purifying the water for the duck races to cleaning the restroom facilities on an ongoing basis. In response to COVID-19, we will be even more vigilant in the following ways:

  • Checking employee’s (farmhand’s) temperature before they start work each day.
  • Educating our farmhands on COVID-19 best practices and CDC recommendations.
  • Providing farmhands with gloves, masks, and other PPE.
  • Adding signage around the farm to serve as a reminder for social distancing and mask requirements.
  • Creating designated entrance and exits to the farm.
  • Requiring guests to wear masks at gathering points on the farm such as the front tent (we will make medical exceptions).  Let’s all work together to keep the farm fun going!
  • Requiring guests to wear masks on the hayride.  Note, in the past we would entertain you during your hayride, sorry but due to state Covid restrictions…not this year.  The hayride is only for transportation to-and-from the pumpkin patch.
  • Adding additional hand-washing stations around the farm. Remember to sing the birthday song twice. Sing to yourself or out loud. Yup, you can use your outside voice since you will be outside!!!
  • Providing families with disinfecting spray to clean pumpkin wagon handles (just like the grocery store).
  • Providing ways for tickets to be purchased online or via your smart-phone.
  • Proving scales to allow guests to weigh their own pumpkins at checkout.
  • Allowing guest to bring their own clippers to snip pumpkins off the vine.
  • Creating double-wide paths in the corn maze.
  • As a reminder, pets are not permitted on the farm.
ALTERNATIVES TO U-PICK- We've got ya covered!!!
  • Front tent purchase- We get it – sometimes you don’t want to head out to the field to pick your own pumpkins. This is why we sell pumpkins at the front tent of the farm.   Feel free to park in our FREE parking and take a walk up to the tent (follow the signs to the entrance), make your selections and checkout at the tent.
  • After hours pickup in our parking area. As you can imagine, we are pretty busy during the day.  But if you would like to prepay for pumpkins (see our website) and pick up at closing time (between 6 and 6:30 pm), we would be happy to pick the pumpkins for you, meet you at a predetermined time in our parking area and load them in your vehicle.  EASY PEASY!!!
  • Home or office delivery- Yup, that’s a thing!!!  As you can imagine, pumpkin season is a crazy busy time of year for us and getting stuff delivered is a challenge.  Since we often need to pay our employees extra to make these deliveries, we do ask that delivery orders be a minimum of $100.  Delivery is free within 5 miles of the farm; after that, it is .50 per mile.  Some people will go in with their neighbors to create one large order that we can deliver to your neighborhood.  This is a great way to interface with your neighbors or just  give away a bunch of pumpkins to the kids in the cul-de-sac.  Please click on the following link to place your order.  Delivery fees will be collected at the time of delivery.

We really appreciate you supporting our small farm each year but especially during these challenging times.

Thank you!!!

To protect you, other guests and our Farmhands, we ask that face masks/coverings be worn at the main tent at the front of the farm  (when checking in and when checking out) and in any areas you are around other folks.

We have setup additional hand washing stations around the farm.  We encourage everyone to wash their hands often.  Remember to sing the Happy Birthday song twice and use your OUTSIDE voice!!!  It’s bound to be someones birthday that day!!!

While waiting in line (paying for pumpkins) or walking around the farm (in the cornmaze of elsewhere) please remember to stay 6 feet apart.

We ask that you check the temperature of all in your party to who will be attending the farm with you and we ask those to stay at home if their temperature is 100.4 degrees or great.  Rest up and come the next weekend.  We would love to see you (in a mask?)!

As you explore the farm or pick pumpkins out of the fields, please remember to keep everyone in your group at least 6 feet from other guests!   You can still talk to others outside your group, but you might need to use your outside voice!!!  Be friendly and say “HELLO!!!”.

Also, as you know, we have lots of picnic tables around the farm.  We have made sure that these tables are at least 15 feet apart from each other.

We will have hand sanitizer on tables around the farm, feel free to use as you would like.

You can also click on this image to order tickets 

We offer TOUCH-FREE ticketing.  Yup, you can buy your admission tickets from the comfort of you home of we will have QR codes in the parking lot and walkway area to allow you to easily purchase tickets before you get to the check-in tent.

Once you have your tickets, when you arrive at the front tent, walk up to the “EXPRESS ENTRANCE” sign and show the farmhand your proof of ticket purchase and we will admit you lickety-split!!

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