What’s in a name?




Where did the name of our farm come from?  Well, it didn’t come from the huckleberries growing wild on the land. Huckleberries don’t do well in the South (we know because we’ve researched it thinking maybe we should have some growing on the farm if we were going to put them in our name).

Our name comes from what comes to mind when most people hear the word huckleberry- the mischievous boy in the book Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. It was a favorite bedtime reading book (and lesson teaching book) for our son Robert, growing up. Between the story of Tom and Huck’s adventures were many lessons to be discussed and learned.

We also decided to pay homage to the old wagon trail running along the back of our property. And that is how Huckleberry Trail Farm was born…..

Why start a farm?

Some people ask why start a farm. We say, why not start a farm? The idea came about as a result of a desire to bring the young male kin to the country to “let them be boys”. As we started to see what a blessing this was, we started to ask why we are so blessed?

And the answer became clear – we are blessed so that we can bless others. With this revelation, it allowed us to start to think more about how we could share the blessings of the farm with others. We’ve started small, making precious memories with family and friends, old and new.  These thoughts and experiences so far are what is going to drive the future of our farm.

Meet our family

Introducing…..the Reichel Family!!

We’ve lived in North Carolina for over 25 years and are proud to call it home. We can’t think of any other place to raise a family. At this point, most of our family has also relocated here along with us. We’ve fallen in love with the beauty of our state-from the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains to the crashing waves on the Outer Banks. But the place we love the best is our little slice of NC heaven in the middle of Chatham County with its rolling hills, breathtaking view, and friendly neighbors

Uncle Bob is a computer network consultant by trade but a farmer in his heart. Although our farm experience is old-timey, ask him about all the technology we use on the farm.

He’s been taking care of the land one way or another since he was a teen; he started out working on a small farm and in large gardens and tending the land with a landscaping business. He still loves the feel of dirt under his boots and overalls remain his favorite fashion choice.


Cousin Robert is Huck reincarnated. A graduate of NC State, he is just as good at driving a tractor as setting up a Hadoop cluster (whatever that is!). Robert has explored almost all of the corners of the farm, using the skills he acquired as an Eagle Scout to bring the farm to life. Another little known fact about Robert-many of the photos on the website are his. He has a way of capturing the farm at its best, no matter what time of day or year it is.



We also have an extended family-both related and unrelated-who have helped bring the dream of the farm to life. A special shout out to Uncle Mike (Inspector Gadgets) who can figure out how to build or fix most anything, Aunt Loretta who painstakingly plotted out the first corn maze grid by grid, Cousin Barrett who has been working with tools since he was a baby and has more handyman skills and work ethic than those twice his age, Aunt Di whose knowledge of childhood play has helped us design some amazing fall family fun and Cousin Ryan whose design skills have created some awesome activities on the farm.  Our latest addition is Uncle Stu. His passion for adventure challenges even Uncle Bob sometimes!!!

Lots of love and thanks to all of our family, friends, and neighbors who have supported us in big ways and small on this journey. There’s a little piece of all of you in our hearts and in the dirt of the farm.


919-432-4825 (HUCK)

Our farm is located at
Huckleberry Trail Farm
143 Pleasant Hill Church Rd
Siler City, North Carolina 27344

Our mailing address is
Huckleberry Trail Farm
PO Box 546
Pittsboro, NC 27312

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