The Summer Sport of Seed Spittin’

Since 2016, Huck has loaded up the hayride trailer on the first Sunday in July and moseyed on down the road aways to downtown Pittsboro for the annual Summerfest celebration.  The trailer isn’t loaded with hay;  it’s full with all the stuff needed to do seed spittin’ in downtown Pittsboro.  Not pumpkin seeds-it’s a bit too early for that!  Watermelon seeds are the seeds of choice and make no mistake-this is not just a bit of summer fun.  The competition can get as hot as the summer sun.

The hardest part of this whole process-finding watermelon with seeds.  Yup, it is a real challenge to find seeded watermelons since most watermelons sold today are the seedless variety.  But don’t fear-we have our sources thanks to some fine NC farmers who always get a smile on their face when they realize why were buying their melons.

So hows it work?
For starters, there are no age minimums or maximums. Everyone old and young is encouraged to participate. Everyone gets a chance to spit two seeds down the spitway. A judge announces how far the seed was spat.  If you have the furthest distance for your age group, you get added to the Seed Spittin’ Standins’ Board.

The Rules-
Are there rules or guidelines for seed spittin’? You betcha! Check out the pic below.

The Prize-
So what does the longest seed spitter win for each age group? Braggin’ rights of course and their place in Huck’s Seed Spittin’ Hall of Fame (see below).  Join us and try to get your name on the board.  But be warned-former winners have been known to return each year to defend their record!

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