Huckleberry Trail Farm is home of the ONLY log built Ga-ga Ball Pit in the world.  How to we know this?  We googled it!!!

Not familiar with Ga-ga Ball?  See the information below on the history an the rules of the game.

Rules of the game-

It’s simple. Basically, we throw a bunch of players and a ball in a pit. Everyone is for him/herself; if the ball touches you below the knee, you’re out. The last one in the pit wins. Then, everyone hops back in for the next round. Games last no more than five minutes. It’s fast, it’s sweaty and it’s really addictive. As soon as you get out, you can’t wait to hop back in.

The official game rules of Ga-ga:

  • All players start with one hand touching a wall of the pit.
  • The game begins with a referee throwing the ball into the center of the pit.
  • When the ball enters the pit, the players scream ‘GA’ for the first two bounces, and ‘GO’ on the third bounce, after which the ball is in action.
  • Once the ball is in play, any player can hit the ball with an open or closed hand.
  • If a ball touches a player below the knee (even if the player hits himself or herself) he or she is out and leaves the pit. If a player is hit above the knees, the play continues.
  • If a ball is caught on a fly, the player who hit the ball is out.
  • Using the walls of the octagon to aid in jumping is legal as long as the player does not permanently sit on the ledge of the octagon.
  • Players cannot hold the ball.

For the history of Ga-ga Ball, please click on the following link-

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