Rent Our Plastic Mulch Layer


That’s right, you can use the same exact plastic mulch layer that we use to plant Huck’s pumpkins!  Only needs a 30 HP Tractor to pull it. Perfect for high tunnels and fields where close spacings are desirable.

Includes Single Drip Attachment.  Weight:  850 lbs.  

Drip irrigation attachment with roll, lays plastic 3 or 4 ft. wide. Transportation Requirements: on a trailer standard pickup truck with a 4 foot wide bed.

Rental Fee: $150/day

We do require you to sign a rental agreement where you assume all responsibility for the equipment, this includes any damage while using.  We keep this piece of equipment very clean.  We ask that you return it in the same condition it was when you picked it up (not caked with mud and such).

To ensure the most success when applying your mulch, we recommend that your soil be soft.  On our farm, we plow the soil first (6-8 inches), then till the soil to break up any clumps.  Also make sure you pull any rocks out too.  This will save you pulling rocks out while your applying the mulch, or having the rocks tear the mulch.  Check out our video below to see how “workable” we make our soil.

To reserve the equipment: Farmers interested in renting must first contact Uncle Bob at 919-432-4825, or fill out the contact form below to see if the attachment is available.  All renters must have a current drivers license and a credit card for proof of ID.

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